Frequently Asked Questions

Crop Management

When is cotton typically planted in Kansas?

As long as the soil temperature is near 60⁰F, it is typical for cotton to be planted from May 10th-June 6th.

Does cotton use a lot of fertilizer?

Typical recommendations for dryland cotton are 80-100 units of actual Nitrogen, plus “maintenance” levels of Phosphate and Potassium.

Does cotton require a lot of spraying?

Weeds and insects routinely need at least some treatment through the growing season, however, the frequency depends on the severity and reoccurrence rate of the pest. Combining herbicide and insecticide treatments is a way of reducing the number of applications and cost. A few applications of growth regulator helps the plants focus its energy on reproductive growth instead of vegetative growth. Pending potential freeze date, boll prep and defoliant may need to be used.

When is cotton harvest?

Usually harvest starts near mid-October and may continue, pending on cotton variety, volume, and weather, into December or January.

What equipment is needed for cotton harvest?

In the past there were three different pieces of equipment needed for harvest; a cotton stripper, a boll buggy, and a module builder. Thanks to new harvest technology, the three pieces of equipment can be reduced to one. Usually local harvesters are available to perform services you are not equipped to do.


How does my cotton get to the gin?

The gins have specialized trucks to move modules from the field to the gin. Flatbed trailers are often used to move round modules.

When does my cotton get ginned?

Most gins work on a first come first serve basis, unless very unusual circumstances need to be addressed.

Who owns the cottonseed from ginning?

Technically the producers own their seed, but the gin will usually sell the seed as a method to reduce the ginning cost to the producer. In some cases the seed will pay for the entire cost of ginning and the extra money is usually returned to the producers.


What determines the value of my cotton?

There are a few steps that go into placing a value on your cotton. Refer to this page to learn more.

How do I market my cotton?

There are few ways to get your cotton into the market place. The most commonly practiced method of cotton marketing in Kansas is pool marketing. The gins also provide a way to market your cotton online, grower to buyer, in real time. Also, at times forward contracts are available allowing producers to lock in a price on a portion of their crop prior to harvest.